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Introducing Tater Mitts, the revolutionary quick peeling potato gloves!

Tater Mitts are the new kitchen gloves that Combine comfort and innovation to bring you the ultimate potato peeling process.  8 seconds is all you need to peel one potato effortlessly witHout getting your hands wet, nicked or cut.  Just simpLy rub any potato with a few quick strOkES and you’ll have a perfectly peeled potato in an instant!  Tater mitts remove only the tinnest layer of skin so there’s no wasted potatoes. Pick up a potato wearing Tater Mitts and rub it viorously under cold running water to remove the skin.  You can place a colander underneath for easy clean up.  The special surface of the Tater Mitts allows you to peel the potato with minimum effort and maximum results. Helps you prepare mashed potatoes, sweet potato casserole, potatoes au gratin, and so much more!

- Fast & Easy To Use
- Waterproof & Comfortable
- Peels a Potato in 8 Seconds
- No Nicks & Cuts

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