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Just reminds you of the old-fashioned, street-corner popcorn stand of the early 1900s.

This convenient tabletop size electric popper uses hot air instead of oil, so it produces a delicious, healthy, low-fat snack. The popper has a capacity of 3-1/2 ounces of kernels and pops enough corn to please a family, several dorm friends, or an office crowd.

Enjoy the fresh taste of hot popcorn in minutes. Every day's a carnival with this fun, easy to use unit.

Powered by electricity, not by oil or gas.
The kettle prevents the corns from sticking to the surface of the kettle when working.
Has a fan to disperse heat at the bottom of the popcorn machine. When the temperature of the kettle is over 180 degrees Celsius , it will stop running automatically.
One ON-OFF switch behind the popcorn machine.
Works on standard household current and voltage(120V) and plugs into the socket directly. No special wiring needed.

Power: 1200W/230V (high efficiency, corns pop in seconds)
Machine Size: 9" (L) x 7" (W) x 15 1/2" (H)
Measuring Cup Size: 3 1/4" (Dia.) x 4/5" (Depth)

Package Includes:
1 x Popcorn Machine
1 x Measuring Cup
1 x Instruction Manual


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