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Product Details
  • Set of 11: 5 squeeze bottles (2 tall and 3 short) with caps, 5 stainless steel decorating tips (round, ribbon, leaf, star, and basket weave), and a decorating spatula.
  • Decorate cookies, cupcakes, cakes, and desserts with ease with this set of squeeze bottles and decorating tips.
  • Create dozens of decorative effects -- lettering, leaves, stars, rosettes, and more -- on cakes and cupcakes, use to drizzles melted chocolate or other toppings over desserts, or create decorated serving plates by piping sauces.
  • This set of tools is ideal for beginning decorator, as the squeeze bottles make it easy to apply pressure to dispense the icing.
  • The tips are interchangeable to give you choices on how to design your decorations.
  • Shorter bottles are best suited for more delicate designs, and the 2-chamber bottle lets you work with 2 colors at once.
  • Each bottle includes a colorful lid for storage.
  • The spatula is perfect for spreading icing and frosting.
  • Bottles are made of food safe plastic.


The Party Food Decoration Kit let you have a wonderfully easy way to create colorful scrumptious party offerings. This exclusive set includes a special dual-chamber bottle for two colors at once, plus one tall bottle, three short bottles, five decorating caps, five steel decorating tips (round, ribbon, leaf, star and basket-weave) and a frosting spat—everything you need.

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