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Very ideal as Sports Towel, Camping Towel, Travel Towel, Make-up remover etc. It's best used for water absorption with a capacity of 5 times more than ordinary towels. This can also be used for home, pets and auto cleaning. For any outdoor activity like gym workouts, running, biking, this towel will keep you dry. It can wipe and absorb impurity, dirt, sand and stains thoroughly. After use, soak it in water to rinse out the granules, sand, etc. It can be used for cleaning furniture, glasses, titles, plates, bowls, etc. Super absorbent makes it ideal for cleaning anything. Also called as magic chamois. Note: The magic towel color will be sent in random.

Notice: This super magic towel will become hardened after long exposure in the air. Moisten it to regain its absorbent characteristic and softness before use.

Size: 29cm height x 19cm width

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