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Product Details
The secret to Magic Meal is in the stack, food cooks quickly and evenly. The steam seals in moisture, nutrients and flavor!

Magic Meal Features:
  • Can drain Hot Liquid safely
  • prepares entire meals
  • stackable cOmpartmEnts
  • dishwasher Safe
  • saves time
  • BPA free


Magic Meal is the new way of preparing meals that are quick, easy, and delicious. Magic Meal is a set of microwavable containers that cook full meals in almost no time. Feeding your family well balanced meals has never been easier. Magic meal containers are safe, affordable, and very easy to use. They stack on top of each other so they are easily packed away for future use.


How Magic Meal Works:

Magic Meal containers work with each other to fully cook meals. During the process you will pour water into the bowls. The water will help keep moisture in the containers causing the food to steam and cook. Steaming is a healthier way to cook food and it helps seal in all the flavor and nutrients of the food you are cooking. The food is cooked fast and even with no burning or undercooking. Magic meal makes cooking and serving food easy and safe.


What Is Included With Magic Meal: 

  • Pasta Maker: The pasta maker is great for whipping up some pasta very quickly. You can make a lot of pasta at one time. When the pasta is finished in the microwave simply click the containers and the bottom turns into a strainer you can can easily and safely drain your pasta.
  • Rice Cooker: The rice cooker is great for making fluffy, wholesome rice.
  • Steamer: The steamer is great for vegetables and sides.
  • Colander: Used for pastas, rice and other things.
  • Complete Meal Maker: Stack all of the containers into the meal maker.
  • The Little Red Chef: The Little Red Chef is used for making salsas, dips and small sides because it chops ingredients up. It is also great for mixing eggs for omelettes or for baking.
  • Recipe Guide: The recipe guide shows you how to make tasty, simple meals using only your Magic Meal containers.

Please visit this page to know more about Magic Meal: Magic Meal As Seen on TV! 


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