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Features: Tight fit lid help prevents leaks and spills Unbreakable stainless steel construction will not retain flavor, you can get a fresh and clean drink every time, vacuum bottle keep water hot for hours. Features wide mouth, nonstick interior make filling, pouring and cleaning the bottle easy. This Thermos Bottle keeps the temperature for more than 80~95°C into hot water in 2 hours when the room temperature is in 20°C, and keeps the 45 °C water warm in 7 hours. It can quickly make the drinking water to alkaline, neutralizes human body’s acidic substance and keep the balance of body system. Water enriches in oxygen which can activate human cells and enhance our immunity. Small molecular cluster water is produced t promote our body’s metabolism which is high in absorption, clean power, it cares your skin better. Our name cup can effectively enrich microelement (especially zinc ion). Zinc ion plays a vital role in bacteria restrain, body’s health maintain. Small in size, light in weight and convenient t carry on. With our functional cup. You can enjoy healthy energy water wherever and whenever you are. Name : vacuum flask Material: stainless steel Size: approx 18*8*8cm ; Specification: approx 500ML Weight: approx 500grams Color : as shown in the picture Package: colorful carton box including 1pc * vacuum flask
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