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Product Details
  • - 100% Brand New
  • - Add more style to your daily look with this fashionable scarf
  • - May also be used to keep you warm during cold days or in freezing cold offices and other places
  • - On hot days you can also use it to keep direct contact of sun on your head or arms
  • - For Muslim women it can be used as Hijabs or "Kumbong" to cover your hair.
  • - Length x Width: ~ 66 inches x 24 inches
  • - What do you get? 1x Shawl

Additional Buying Guidelines

  1. When ordering please make sure your address is complete.
  2. Items paid in points and COD deliveries, will undergo an approval process done by HalloHalloMall.
  3. It is buyer's responsibility to communicate immediately cancellations after clicking buy on the item
  4. No order cancellation allowed after item is tagged shipped in the system especially for COD deliveries. Please be considerate enough to cancel immediately if you just clicked buy by mistake.
  5. From date the order is tagged shipped the delivery time will be 1-2 days for Metro Manila and 2-3 days for Provincial address.
  6. In case your order does not arrive on the estimated delivery day computed from the time it was tagged shipped please inform us immediately so our store can assist in the necessary followups needed.
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