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Acrylic Manuel Dalao Baldemor was born on 26 March 1947 in Paete, Laguna. His hometown, its people, their day-to-day activities, and their celebrations have been the consistent subjects of his art. He has also painted international genre and landscape scenes. He was exposed to art and trained in the workshops of wood-carvers and santeros (makers of religious images) of Paete to carve in wood. He is however best known for his paintings in various media that depict scenes in simplified geometric forms with a folk art character. His numerous international grants have enabled him to capture the scenery of other countries in his signature style as well as share his art with people abroad. In October 2007, his painting titled, “Karo ng Sorbetes” was instrumental in capturing a Unesco seat for the Philippines during the 34th general conference in Paris. His art is well-known internationally as his works are frequently used for UNICEF cards. He is currently an arts and culture columnist for the arts and culture section of The Manila Times.
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