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Product Details
  • iPhone4 USB Cable Round Black (Limhong Brand)
  • Charge Sync Cable
  • Up to 30% faster charging than conventional cable
  • Use the USB Cable to charge and sync you phone to your Mac or Windows PC
  • Color: White, Black, Green, Pink
  • Length: 100 cm
  • Weight:29 grams
  • Compatible: iPhone4, iPhone4S, iPad2, iPad3, iPod nano
  • Features:
  • *Fast Charging, fast transmission speed, safe and stable.
  • *Anti-jamming, anti-high voltage and excellent design.
  • *Containing bullet proof wire, difficult to pull off.
  • *Bi-mold, Durable.
  • *Using environmentally TPE material
  • 98 LIMHONG Mobile Accessories Supplier
  • Open to Wholesaler
  • Professional Mobile Accessories Supplier
  • More new Models coming, please stay tuned …
  • -Quality is our life, Service is our soul-
  • Call & Text: 0917-5464664
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