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WARRANTY: 2 years parts & service. (Samsung Phils.)




55" 4K SUHD Quantum Dot Flat SmartTV KS7000 Series 7
A New Level of BrightnessSee the sunlight in its full radiant glory, and find the smallest details in the darkest shadows with HDR 1000. Now you'll see every scene come to life right in your living room.samsungtv2017.jpg

Life-like Color ExperienceExperience all shade of richer & life-like colors with Samsung's Eco-Friendly Quantum Dot technology. SHUD TV shows 64X the color expression of Samsung's conventional TVsks7000_2.jpg

Clear view with low reflection A nature-inspired Ultra Black technology uses Samsung's unique Nano-scaled special patterns to reduce light reflection. Enjoy your TV even in a bright living room.ks7000_6.jpg

Remaster your non-SUHD content Samsung's SUHD remastering engine automatically analyzes and remasters non-SUHD content, so it can be displayed as close to what's intended by the content creator.ks7000_7.jpg

Feel the Drama of Every Image Precision Black technology enhances contrast by optimizing light emission, making everything you see more vivid and dramatic even with controlling of LED backlights on edge.ks7000_8.jpg

Every detail in stunning 4K UHD resolution Experience vivid detail with 4X the resolution of Full HD TV. Everything you watch will look better thanks to true-to-life color and brightness.ks7000_9.jpg

Quick and Single Access to all Content Sourcesks7000_10.jpg

Upscale content for vivid image quality Samsung's UHD Picture Engine gives you near UHD-level pictures even when streaming lower resolution contents. It uses an innovative 4-step process to convert your favorite content into premium life-like quality.ks7000_11.jpg


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