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The unrelenting growth of music games has been nothing short of jaw-dropping. When the first Guitar Hero hit the PlayStation 2 in 2005, I remember thinking it was cute but then recalling the box of light guns in my father's attic and thinking the industry might have moved beyond giant plastic peripherals. It hasn't, which isn't a bad thing, and Band Hero is the latest example of its proliferation. No one's ever denied that Activision likes to make money, so I hope no one's offended when I tell you that Band Hero of the Guitar Hero 5 you know and love/are sick of. You can play as lead guitar, rhythm/bass, drums, or lead singer. You can tackle the 65 songs by yourself or have friends join you for the ride. These buds can play whatever instrument they want (Four drummers? Why not?!) and drop in or out at any time if you'll let them. You can face off against in-house or online buds, there are leaderboards, the ability to create your own tracks, rocker creation, and a career mode. On top of that, the Wii specific modes like Roadie Battle and Mii Freestyle are back along with the same gameplay everyone knows (notes descend down a highway and you press the colored buttons) is here, as well. INCLUDES: - One Guitar -One Microphone -Drums -One Original Band Hero Game.
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