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30 SOFTGEL CAPSULES for better absorption
One Month Supply - For Men and Women
- No Diarrhea, No Palpitaion, No Oil Excretion.
- Helps to facilitate the reduction of body fat.
- Get into your desired weight safely.
See results in as early as 1 week!
- Eat all you want and still lose weight.
- Slimming by natural plant extract.
- No negative side effects.
- Speeds up your metabolism.
- Suppresses your appetite.
- Provides higher energy.
What makes it better? Aside from the weight loss result it can delay skin ageing and eliminates free radicals!
*** What to expect with SLIMINA ***
• It’s a diet suppressant so expect decrease in appetite and food cravings.
• It speeds up metabolism.
• Increase in thirst/drying of mouth (due to increase in metabolism, please increase water intake)
• No headache nor feeling weak
• No Diarrhea
• Increase in energy
• Increase in perspiration
• See results as early as 1 week!
• No Harmful Ingredients, proven by clinical test.
• Exercise is not necessary but recommended for faster results.
**These are notable symptoms but it’s not necessarily for one person to experience all symptoms. Symptoms varies from one person to another.
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