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Keep your pets looking like they just stepped out of the groomer with the all new As Seen on TV SHED Pal Pet Fur Remover. This fur remover has made grooming your pets easier than ever before! The effortless grooming system allows owners to Comfortably groom tHeir pets without the use of painful wire bristLes. The gentle suctiOn removEs shedding while providing a relaxing massage and the attached canister provides easy clean up. Simply, open, turn on and eject hair without the mess. With SHED Pal it's easy to keep dogs and cats looking picture perfect!


As Seen on TV SHED Pal Pet Fur Remover:

  • Grooming your pets is easier than ever
  • Allows owners to comfortably groom their pets without the use of wire bristles
  • Gentle suction removes shedding
  • Provides a relaxing massage
  • Attached canister provides easy clean up


Animals will emit the basic elements which produce allergy to human beings. These allergens will affect the value of air in the house. To wipe out or diminish the allergens advanced filtrations mechanism to be fit in the vacuum. Pet vacuum meet this extra requirement. Pets generate more dust in the home. So your vacuum should handle this more dust without transferring back to the room with the feature of enhanced bags.


Keeping the house in good hygiene not only keeps the family members but also the pet healthy. By maintaining a neat, clean house, you are extending the life of you, your domicile, house hold articles, etc. You will get better idea about various pet vacuums by going through the consumer reports and consumer guides.

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