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Royale Blend Coffee 8 in 1 Lite Royale Blend Coffee 8 in 1 Lite is one of the most in demand healthy beverage among adults in the Philippines. This coffee blend gives you a lite and fantastic taste of a real blended coffee. It has a good aroma that makes your morning feeling great and productive. Royale Blend Coffee is mixed with three basic ingredients with additional five health supplements. With this combination, Royale Blend Coffee 8 in 1 lite makes the most healthy coffee ever. This coffee blend comes with perfect ingredients that makes a perfect taste of coffee that will surely be your best partner at work or at home. There are many benefits you can get from using Royale Blend Coffee. Because it is packed and added with premium health supplement, this blend coffee will make you more healthy. No worries of sugar and high caffeine as this product is purely made to promote health and wellness. What makes this product the perfect one for you and your family? Read on and learn what does it contains. Royale Blend Coffee 8 in 1 Lite contains: The basic ingredients of this product are coffee, cream, and regular sugar. 5 Added Supplements Spirulina – is good for our health. It can help lower the cholesterol and reduces your blood sugar levels in the body. Ginseng – this wonderful ingredient is one of the highlight health supplement you can benefit from this coffee. Ginseng is known effective in relieving physical and emotional stress. Ganoderma – this powerful supplement helps flushing out body toxins that can cause health problems. This will gives you a relaxing feeling. Grapeseed – grapeseed is a powerful antioxidant that reduces free radical damage cause by oxidative stress. It can helps our cell regenerate and makes our skin healthy. Agaricus Blazei Murill – this is a mushroom that is known as powerful anti-viral agent.
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