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SUNDAE SERIES Inclusive:Each pair ~lens case ~manual ~Vanilla Eyes box ~40ml Dream Eye Multipurpose Soluton Vanilla Eyes Colored Contact Lenses will cosmetically change the color appearance of your natural eye color giving dramatic effect that you need. These Lenses offer exceptional visual fun with beautiful designed pattern on the lenses. Vanilla Eyes Colored Contact Lens is an OEM Brand and manufactured by top manufacturer in South Korea with KFDA/ISO/CE/KGMP ceritification and USFDA certified, the first one to get approval for colored contact lens in ASIA. Our soft contact lenses fits with ease and comfort. Each lens is packed in small vial glass bottle which is factory sealed and tamper proof, manufactured to KFDA & USFDA guidelines and sold and priced in pairs. Easy to fit with fitting instructions and other helpful tips such as cleaning, disinfecting and storing enclosed in Vanilla Eyes box with lens case. PRODUCT SPECIFICATION: USAGE: 1 Year DIA : 15 mm B.C : 8.7 mm C.T : 0.07 mm (-3.00D) REMINDER: It's our clients' responsibility to check with their eye doctor if they're fitted to use contact lens. We strongly advise that you check first with doctor before contact lens usage especially if it's your first time for comfortable and safety eye care. We can guarantee the safety and good condition of our products, but we cannot guarantee the condition or status of our clients' eye. Thank you for your interest with Vanilla Eyes and we're looking forward that you'd be one of our satisfied customers. Thank you!
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