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MNL48's January birthday celebrants Jan, Cassey, Grace and Aly are all inviting you to be part their birthday celebration on January 13, 2019, 12:00PM – 2:00PM at Movie Stars Café (G/F Centris Station Mall, EDSA cor. Quezon Ave., Quezon City).

Fun activities, exciting performances and exclusive booths await guests on this special day, so grab your tickets now and join your Oshi's birthday bash!

Tickets Prices:

VIP Seating – P1,000.00

Regular Seating – P800.00

(Inclusive of special meal chosen by your Oshi)

Event Rules:

a. Registration will start at 9:00 AM on January 13. Door opens at exactly 10:00AM.

b. Ticket holders MUST present the following at the Registration booth:

MNL48 Fan Member's ID (via MNL48 Fan App)

E-ticket with reference number

Any valid ID with their full name and picture.

Failure to provide the COMPLETE set of requirements may result in non-entry.

c. Seat numbers per section will be distributed on a FIRST-COME, FIRST-SERVED BASIS UPON REGISTRATION.

d. Minors with ages from 7 years and below are not allowed to join the event.

Event Guidelines:

a. Bags are subject for security check (for metal scanner/detectors). One (1) person, one bag policy will be observed.

b. Bringing of external food and drinks inside the venue is strictly prohibited.

c. Taking photos, videos, and audio recordings DURING THE MAIN SHOW is not allowed.

d. Gifts and letters for MNL48 members will be received by an AUTHORIZED event staff only.

e. The Management/organizer reserves the right, WITHOUT refund of any amount paid, to refuse admission to, or eject, any person whose behavior does not comply with the rules and regulations set forth by the venue and organizers.

f. Organizers are not held liable for any loss or damage to personal properties or belongings brought inside the venue.

g. Additional rules and guidelines that will be announced on the day of the event must be properly observed.

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