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Secrets lips look naturally pink and red like Korean drama artist. Lipgloss OBDO from Korean manufacturing on thailand Enriched with vitamin E, moisturizes the lips naturally. Continuous usage will make your beautiful lips turned into a natural pink.

Odbo Lip Tint is a rouge and gloss / lip color from Korea with a greasy texture, and has a light texture does not like wearing lipstick general.

Durable and long lasting, even to wear at dinner, perfect for those who seek perfection looks but shy to wear lipstick.

Lip gloss Tint Odbo and easily absorbed so it does not leave white marks on your clothes, durable, and makes lips look pale.

How to use: 

Put 2-3 drops of lip tint in the upper and lower lip, let it be absorbed or rub the lips slowly so evenly. Immediately flushed lips naturally without menor. Can be used as often as you like.


Lip Tint After using this, you should apply the lipstick / lipgloss favorite.
Its use quite a bit, because if excessive red color will be very difficult to remove.
If you do not rub it on the lips Lip Tint correctly, LipTint will look uneven lips.


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