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Product Details
The box contains 10 sachets.

What is Nutri 21 juice?
Nutri 21 juice is a powdered drink mix of 21 fruits and herbs. These fruits and herbs are: mango, dalandan, pineapple, moringa oleifera, calamansi, carrot, banana, coconut, tomato, guava, mangosteen, acai berry, goji berry, barley, wheatgrass, aloe vera, guyabano, apple, spirulina, grape seed and strawberry.

What's in store for me?
Drinking Nutri 21 juice everyday nourishes your body with vitamins and minerals found in those fruits and herbs... without you actually having to buy those fruits and herbs to eat.

How to drink: Mix 1 sachet of Nutri 21 juice with 200 ml of cold water. Serve chilled or with ice.
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