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An amazing and colorful tool for filing, buffing, polishing, and shining nails to perfection. Give yourself salon quality, beautiful, natural shine nails in four easy steps. We guarantee you’ve never seen your nails look this beautiful and healthy. In Makati, pushy sales kiosk girls sell this same tool for P1350 to customers who are completely amazed by their free demonstration. You won't believe your eyes! And you don’t have to pay P1350. Here on LadyShoppe it’s yours for only P250! The Magical Nail Buffer Block will last a lifetime with proper care & usage. How to use: 1. File Nail Edge Use this side to shape nails. Always file from the edge of the nail to the centre, using long smooth strokes. 2. Remove Ridges Use side 2 to smooth ridges on the surface of the nail. (5-10 seconds each nail) 3. Smooth Nail Use side 3 to create a finer finish and light shine. (5-10 seconds each nail) 4. Shine Nail Use side 4 to create and maintain a wonderfully shiny look. This step can be repeated every few days to maintain a natural shine. (5-10 seconds each nail) Your nails and cuticles will now have a wonderfully healthy and professional look.
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