by Mary Anne Fernandez

Thanks! just got my order. Thanks dn for the freebie. :) Merry Christmas!

by Maria Fe Bernil

dinaya nyo ako, i thought brand new yun kasi nkalagay sa item nyo, super dumi tlaga luma din at iba yung style d tulad sa pix na nilagay
pls lang ayusin nyo pra lagi kami oorder

by Lord Basco

I ordered these 2 pcs Portable Pocket (1 color orange & 1 color green). In my experience, these items were delivered the fastest so far, and that made me a happy buyer.

But it quickly turned into dismay since one of the item, (the green one) is filthy. I first thought that it was just the clear plastic box that was just dirty. But after removing the item in its box, it proved that the item was really dirty.

I’m planning to give these portable pockets as gifts, but the green one, I cannot give anymore, even the zipper handle has a thick collection of dust.

I may plan to buy more of this item from you, but I hope I will get a much nicer & cleaner item(s).

I usually give high rating... but for now... I can't give it to you... yet.
The saving grace for this rating is the lightning fast delivery.