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You want nice-smelling clothes, put fragrance. Fragrance might cause discoloration, so put a whitener. Whitener makes clothes stiffer, so put a fabric conditioner to soften clothes. That's a lot of chemicals left on the fabric that your skin is exposed to. No wonder people get skin allergies nowadays! Perhaps the only solution is to switch to a natural, harmful chemical-free detergent!

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100% Natural

Great for delicates
Gentle enough for handwashing delicates and keeping colored fabrics vibrant, yet hardworking enough for uniforms, this all-natural citrus-scented detergent leaves clothes clean, fresh and soft.

Kind on skin and the earth
✓ Derma-tested non-irritating & safe
✓ Free from artificial fragrances & dyes
✓ Free from bleach & optical brighteners
✓ Biodegradable and non-toxic
✓ Locally-sourced coconut cleansers
✓ Free from phosphates & chlorine that damage water ecosystems

Save money & time
A medium-sized load of laundry using commercial detergents needs 24 kWh of electricity and 1.6 cubic meters of water (approximate cost: P311.37). In contrast, one medium-sized load of laundry using our Liquid Detergent needs 18kWh of electricity and 1.1 cubic meters of water (approximate cost: P288.06). Plus, our plant-based formulation cuts rinsing time in half!

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