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Heavy Duty Drinking Water Pump for Large Water Jugs Give your back a break and your palette exquisite tasting water. With the Heavy Duty Drinking Water Pump, save space and energy in your home, office, school, factory, or any other location by replacing those huge water dispensers with this convenient little pump. It attaches to the top of the water jug, and using just one or two light touches, this pump will spurt out water through the cleverly designed elbow joint spout. The locking nut creates a vacuum by tightly securing the pump to the bottle and keeping the water as fresh as when it first arrived. Now enjoy your water in a whole new way! Easy to use--just press pump head down Screws right onto the top of a water jug Environmentally friendly--no power required Fits most standard water bottle sizes Easily clean the pump with the removable tubes and brush included in the kit
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