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FDC Military art exhibition 30 MAR 90 - 30 JUL 90 Limited edition # 2067 of 3000

The FDC has an inlay booklet. On the outsides with pictures of war scenery paintings and on the insides the description in English and Afrikaans.



The art exhibition shows the art paintings of artists in different wars.

In 1899 president S.J.P Kruger appointed Erich Mayer as one of the war artists.

He was taken as prisoner of war and made the print, on the picture, that depicts an everyday scene of Boer prisoners of war life in Deadwood Camp, on the front of the inlay booklet.

On the back of the inlay booklet is a portrait of a Pilot from World War II (1939-1945) by Neville Lewis and

an airbrush painting of an soldier with bag pack called "Vasbyt" = "Determination" by Vernon Swart during the Angola/Southwest Africa conflict in 1984.

On the isides of the booklet are the description in English and Afrikaans.


On the front of the envelop appears a painting with on left side the

SA National Museum of Military History's Coat of Arms.

The motto is Scientia Armorum per Historiam (Knowledge through History of Arms).


On the back of the envelop is the serial number, 2067 of 3000, noted.


The FDC and inlay booklet are in a good condition.

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