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Very Unique coin: "End of Marriage Prince Charles and Lady Diana" commemorative coin.

What makes this coin very unique?

In 1981 Prince Charles and Lady Diana of Great Britain got married. The whole world was waiting to see who was going to be Britain's new Queen. The coin in the middle is the original wedding coin of 1981. Unfortunately Prince Charles had a long-life mistress. This gave immediately stress in the marriage of the two Royals. Two princes were born in the short-lived marriage. Finally the marriage ended in a divorce.

To commemorate this, as many people in Britain were more in favor of Lady Diana then Prince Charles, Sir Ronald Hill. LTD brought out this commemorative coin. It was the official wedding coin where he designed a ring around it with the inscription: "End of Marriage Prince Charles and Lady Diana".

The relationship with his mistress went on and became more public. Finally the Queen gave permission for the marriage. Because of the bad image the Prince had created the Queen wanted to lessen this and had ordered to take this coin of the shelf and was not allowed to be sold again. Therefore you cannot find this item back on internet and not even in the archives of SRH.

This coin is therefore a very unique edition and I offer this coin to a serious coin collector with a eye for uniqueness for the low price of Php 12,000.00. The proseeds of this coins will go to our children's ministry under the poor children in Surigao City, Philippines.
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