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Product Details
Cute mini korean dolls in over 100 designs available! 

Ddung is one of the larger brands of children’s collectable dolls in Korea right now!

Nickname: DDUNGY / Crazy 4 year old
Age: 4    Blood type: O    Birthday: Dec 19th    Zodiac: Sagittarius
 Hair: Insanely curly
Motto: Being pretty is being good. There is a life inside a TV.
Personality: I like to act pretty and sassy. I’m always positive. If I like someone, I express it right away.
Hobby: Making up songs. Practicing my secret moves. Talking frankly  Skills: Fashion show, Drawing
Fave Color: Pink     Fave Food: Potato, Ice cream, Chocolate. Chicken, Strawberry
Hate Food: Carrot, Milk, Tomato, Beans
Fashion : Cutesie sassy style. 

She is handmade in Korea and a PVC plastic based doll ♥


Size: around 4.5" 

These dolls can be used as a: 

1. Celphone chain 

2. Key Chain

3. Bag charm 

4. Pet pals

5. Collectible

6. Gift 

7. Necklace

*each doll sold separately 

Additional Information

a. Shipping Policy
i. Our Shipping Cost is 50% OFF! (see above)
ii. Items will be delivered to you immediately upon our receipt from our supplier.
iii. You will be notified by Hallo Hallo Mall via email once the item is in transit.
IV. We do not ship on Sundays & Holidays

b. Returns & Exchange Policy
Applicable for:
1. Damaged or expired items upon receipt
2. Unlocated, Incomplete or Out of reach Addresses

- For Damaged or Expired items upon receipt.
At first, you will have to shoulder the shipping cost for returning the item, but if the item is proven to be damaged or expired, we will refund the shipping cost back to you.

*Note that the incident has to be reported (w/ product photo) to Hallo Hallo Mall via email 24 hours upon your receipt of the product for us to facilitate the exchange.

- For Unlocated, Incomplete or Out of reach Addresses
Item will be redelivered to you only after you‘ve paid for the additional shipping cost thru HHM.
Contact them at info@hallohallomall.com for further instructions.

Thank you in advance for your purchase!  
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