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For your Consideration, I am offering Bust-A-Move 99 Sony PlayStation Video Game CD-ROM Detailed item info Product Information In BUST-A-MOVE ‘99 the cute green dinosaur with the bubble problem has returned. Armed only with a bubble-shooting machine, the dinosaur must eliminate all of the bubbles before they come crashing down around him. Anytime three bubbles of the same color come into contact with each other, they pop. In addition, all of the bubbles they were touching seek out more bubbles to create chain reactions. Pulleys and the steady sinking of the bubble menace add to the challenge. Jumping into the game is fairly easy; putting it down is much harder. All of the classic gameplay of the BUST-A-MOVE series has returned, along with thousands of new puzzles. BUST-A-MOVE ‘99 will keep bubble-popping fans up all night. Product Identifiers Publisher Acclaim Entertainment Game Bust-A-Move 99 UPC 021481211617 Key Features Platform Sony PlayStation 1 ESRB Rating E - Everyone Genre Puzzle Tech Details Control Elements Gamepad, Joystick Number of Players 1-2 Release Year 1999 Game Special Features 8 new characters, over 1000 puzzles to choose from, and a new "create a level mode," 2 player head-to-head competition. Support Elements Dual Shock, Memory Card, Vibration Function Compatible, With Memory Support Also Available In This Platforms Nintendo 64 Game Series Bust-A-Move No Original case or artwork Good Condition
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