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Manufacturer: Kokuyo

Tape dimensions: 2.54 x 8.64 x 1.52 cm

Weight: 0.02 kg

Specifications: For strong adhesion

Note: Refill Tape

<Precautions on use>

* Please pull and paste on the whole surface to the envelope's mouth stop. (Please use it as a temporary stop when attaching points.)

* If you push it obliquely or if the pushing force is weak, you may not be able to glue it cleanly. ※ The number of stamps is a design value,

not a guaranteed value. ※ The main body and replacement tape are compatible before and after renewal, you can use as they are.

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Product Details

DL Stamp Kae Tape

Just push and push! Glue paste with one hand. Work progresses crisply. Even compact, it can stamp firmly 600 times.You can paste in a certain amount without waste, so you can save glue. Even if you push or pull it, it is convenient 2WAY type, if you remove the lid,you can use it even if you pull it like the conventional dot liner.

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