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Break free from breakouts without the harsh chemicals. This tea tree oil powered toner effectively reduces the appearance of pimples and helps reduce skin oiliness. Natural AHAs aid in skin exfoliation, gently promoting skin renewal.

Cares as it clears skin*
✓ 81% of users reported dried out pimples
✓ 80% of users had reduced pimple size

*Self-assessment satisfaction survey on consumers with mild to moderate acne

Be acne-free in three!
Step 1: Cleanse your face with Acne Defense Facial Wash.
Step 2: Apply Acne Defense Face Toner using gentle swipes.
Step 3: Boost your acne-fighting skin care regimen by dabbing Acne Defense Solution Gel on target areas.

The good stuff

Retinoid-free, alcohol-free, salicylic acid-free and paraben-free

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