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caprylic/capric triglyceride, Melaleuca alternifolia (tea tree) leaf essential oil

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Recommended for: safe, natural cleansing for the skin and home

Purifying remedy
Tea tree helps ease fungal skin concerns, cut down on acne and deal with body odor.

Safer cleansing
A natural germ, mold and mildew fighter, tea tree is an effective household alternative to harsh disinfectant cleansers.

Dry Scalp Relief
Add a few drops of Tea Tree Oil to Clarifying Shampoo and mix well. Use as often as needed and rinse thoroughly.

Foot Purifier
Clean feet thoroughly, especially between toes. Apply Tee Tree Oil directly to the feet, and then dust with cornstarch to absorb excess moisture.

Body Odor Buster
Combine a few drops of Tea Tree Oil with warm water in a spray bottle and spray on odor-prone areas such as the armpits and feet. Make sure to dry your skin thoroughly afterward.

Germ-away Spray In a clean spray bottle, combine a few drops of Tea Tree Oil with water. Shake to mix thoroughly and squirt on surfaces around your home. To help remove mold and mildew, add more Tea Tree Oil.

Nappy & Laundry Rinse
After washing and rinsing, add a few drops of Tea Tree Oil to the final rinse to help clean nappies and other clothing articles. PRO TIP: Use Tough Love Liquid or Powder Detergent to get rid of dirt and stains – while being kind to your skin and our earth.

If you are pregnant, hypertensive or have epilepsy, consult with your physician prior to use of essential oils.

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