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Brand: MamyPoko
Size / Item: 50's (Medium)
Product Shelf Life from Production: 3
Year / Months: Years

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MamyPoko Easy to Wear M50

Unicharm, one of the top companies in Japan and makers of MamyPoko, has been offering product lines best suited to fast-growing baby and child. With MamyPoko's products, diapering has never been easier for both parents and child. MamyPoko provides the best products that care for every stage of a baby's growth. From newborns and sizes that cater for S, M, L, XL and XXL, our products give you all the protection and comfort for your growing baby to spend more time having fun and learning new things while maintaining comfort all the time.New parents spend a lot of time changing their baby. It is another way mothers bond and show their love towards their newborn or child. Diaper changing might seem complicated at first but with a little practice, you'll find that keeping your baby comfortable and happy is easy.Offer Superior Leakage Protection and Comfortable Dryness.

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