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Product Details

• Instant set-up with patented EZ twist technology

• Sunroof provides pop-up fun
• Side door swings open like a real car
• Includes steering wheel, and carrying case
• Made of non-woven, mesh, nylon binding

Young conductors will definitely be all aboard this twist and fold Thomas the Tank Engine tent. Featuring EZ Twist's patented twist-and-fold technology, the tent sets up instantly and, when fully folded again, stores in a small included bag that's no larger than a grocery sack. The only assembly (and it's not even required) is to attach the inflatable steering wheel to Velcro toggles. Once the freestanding train is up, preschoolers and toddlers can place chairs inside to take them on imaginary rides around Sodor Island or dream up a slew of other creative play scenarios. Slip a sleeping bag inside the large (52"L x 26"W x 38"H) hideaway structure and kids can even extend their daytime adventures into naptime escapades.

The bright blue, red, yellow and black two-cube engine has a sunroof so little heads can look ahead for any dangers on the track, a tunnel port for crawling through, and swinging side door access for realistic play. The lightweight material and compact storage makes this tent very portable, allowing kids to take something familiar to new places -- or the grandparent's house.

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